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Make-up days for the two days missed due to weather will be May 27th and May 28th.
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Literacy for All!!  No Excuses!

What exactly is literacy?  Many people believe literacy simply means being able to read; however, it goes far beyond simply reading words.  It also encompasses the ability to comprehend what is written as well as the ability to write so that others can comprehend what is written.  South Pontotoc High School is taking an active approach to boost literacy among ALL students This is necessary in order for our students to succeed, not only in school, but in life.  All teachers have implemented the REC model in their classrooms.  This is used when students respond to any type of discussion/essay type question.  Students will begin their answer by Restating the question, then give Evidence supporting their answer, and then end with a Conclusion.  Teaching them to write following this model will better prepare them for testing while in high school and college and/or the workplace beyond high school.  A visual is displayed in all classrooms to help students remember to follow the model when writing.

  Writing is Easy with REC
   Restate the Question
 Evidence Evidence


2013-14 School Calendar

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Top of PageYour Vote is Needed!!!
New head football coach, Michael Bradley, has everyone excited about some upcoming changes in the football program at South Pontotoc.  One change he wants to implement is purchasing new uniforms for the team.  This is an expensive endeavor, so a unique fundraiser is taking place through Friday, April 11th.  The school and community have the opportunity to vote on their choice of uniforms from two options put together by the football coaching staff.  Each vote costs $ vote as many times as you would like! See any team member, coach, or booster club member to cast your vote!  Remember, the deadline is Friday, April 11th so that the best price on the uniforms can be secured.  Support your Cougars as we enter into a new era of Cougar football!

Pictures of uniform options

Letter about fundraiser

Ballot to vote

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Top of PageVISA...Go for the Gold!!
A new PBIS (Positive Behavioral Intervention & Support) program is being implemented this year in the high school.  It is called VISA...Go for the Gold!  VISA stands for Very Impressive Student Achievement.   Mr. Bailey has collaborated with various businesses in the community and gained support for students to be able to enjoy discounts and free items when they achieve certain levels with behavior and grades.  There are four levels of VISA:  Gold, Silver, Blue, and NFL.  Card awards are based on previous nine-weeks' grades, attendance, and discipline.  The card expires at the end of the nine weeks, with the exception of the 4th nine weeks card which will be good through the summer.  The requirements for each card are:

VISA Gold:  All As, No Discipline Referrals, No Absences
VISA Silver:  All As and Bs, No Discipline Referrals, No Absences
VISA Blue:  All As, Bs, with only 1 C, No Discipline Referrals, No Absences
VISA NFL:  No Fs, No Discipline Referrals, No Absences

We also have a prize cart that is taken around to the classrooms a couple of times a week to reward students for being present at school, being on time to class, and not having any discipline issues.

Pictured with their VISA cards are (L to R):  Samantha Pickering, Jared Pennington, Reid Winter, and Summer Strevel.

A huge THANK YOU to the following businesses for supporting the VISA program:

Between Sisters
De Ja Vu
Hatfield's Discount
Hibbett Sports
Kirk's Grill
Merle Norman"s Legacy
Pizza Hut
Red Karma
Seafood Junction
Shell Rapid Lube
The Gift Shop
True Value

Top of PageBand Celebrates Successful Year
The Cougar Band was recognized Friday morning, March 28th, at a special ceremony for all of the achievements they have accomplished this year.  Much work and dedication  has been put into achieving these awards by both students and directors.  Click here to see their list of accomplishments!  Job well done Band and Guard members!!

Top of PageLindsey wins again!
Tyler Lindsey wins his second state title at the State Powerlifting meet Saturday, April 5th.  He placed 1st in the 3A 275-lb. weight class.  Tyler completed the 500 squat, 330 bench, and 625 dead lift.  He also qualified in the Super 12 in Mississippi.  Way to go Tyler!  SPHS is proud of you!!

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Top of PageCollaboration=Excitement!
Mrs. Lisa Buckner teaches English II.  She was looking for something a little different to do with her students in order to achieve the Common Core objective of "using online databases to conduct research, summarize research, compare and contrast research from different sources, distinguish fact from opinion, publish findings, and integrate grammar and mechanics" and decided to initiate a collaborative project in which she invited all high school teachers that were interested to participate.  She chose the topic of the Civil War to teach her current unit of study on the writing process.  Mrs. Sandra Wise, Art teacher, signed on to use the same topic in her classes and allow her students to illustrate the writings that Mrs. Buckner's students' produced.  She addressed the following course standards: "to use technology and other resources for research to understand, analyze, conceive, and create artwork; better understand and apply the principles and elements of art in their artwork; recognize a variety of historical and cultural contexts in terms of function, purpose, and selection of media in works of art; and effectively use visual arts vocabulary when critiquing their own works or those of others through the process of speaking or writing."  Coach Brant Puckett and Mrs. Cheryl Malone, STEM teachers, also chose to participate and have their students choose a technology within their identified career clusters to research and compare/contrast how it was used during the Civil War versus how it has evolved and is used now.  The following STEM objectives were met with this project:  "demonstrate understanding of the evolution of technology; research and report on evolution of technology; discuss effects technology has on society; and evaluate emerging technologies in society."  Collaborating on projects such as this not only strengthens the students' knowledge of the shared topic, i.e. the Civil War, but also adds an element of excitement to the classroom.  Mrs. Buckner invited guest speakers Chris Cobb and Jamie McMillen to further illustrate facts about the Civil War.  She also coordinated a day where the students set up their projects along with the Art students and invited the entire campus to come and view the hard work that had been put into the projects .  Her students attended the Battle of Okolona Reenactment on Saturday, February 22nd to conclude the unit.

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